Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Daisy Girl Scout Uniform

This is what our Daisy Girl Scout tunics look like before investiture, when our Daisies will receive their pins.

The Daisy pin will go on the yellow insignia tab, and the Promise Petals that our Daisies earn this year will go on the front of the tunic, as they are earned.

Participation patches and service patches will go on the back of the tunic.

For more information, see GSUSA's "Where To Place Insignia on a Uniform (Daisy Girl Scouts)".


daisies101 said...

PS, the Promise Center and Petals go on the front of the Daisy Girl Scout tunic, with the Center just about in the middle. Your Daisy will eventually earn 10 petals, and so you will want to leave room for all of them from the start; placing them with roughly 1/4 inch of space between the petal and the center, and 1/4 inch between each petal, should be about right.

I have found that the iron-on insignia tend to start peeling off after a couple of trips through the laundry, and so I usually sew them on. (This also makes it easier to rearrange things if necessary, but for Daisies that usually won't be a problem.) Obviously, this isn't an option for everyone; you can also try hanging the tunic up to dry, as the heat from the tumble-dryer can cause the iron-on adhesive to loosen.

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